Before you start make sure you have the following items:

– Copy of horse’s NRHA Competition License and/or Breed Registration scanned to your computer
– Copy of owner’s NRHA/AQHA Membership Card scanned to your computer
– Copy of rider’s NRHA/AQHA Membership Card scanned to your computer if the rider is different than the owner
– This system will accept png, jpg, pdf, and gif. file formats for scanned items.
– Responsible Party information.
– All rider information.

Fill out the form with the requested information. Once you have the form completed, make sure to check the agreement of terms box and press the submit button.

Payout checks will not be made without valid Social Security Number or Tax ID on file.
You must provide your horse registration papers and membership cards, either attached to your registration or bring them to the show. Entries will not be accepted without this information.

Horse & Rider Information
  • Responsible Party
  • Horse Information
  • Owner Information
  • Open Rider Information
  • Non Pro Rider Information
  • Youth Rider Information
  • Payout and Terms

Responsible Party

Who is responsible for the tab on this horse?
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